PortoMirabello is at the top when it comes to hospitality, and we are always looking for ways to improve our services. Last year we inaugurated the Concierge, a reception desk responding to our customers’ needs and suggestions, transforming them into personalized services. In 2016 we will continue our commitment in this area: safety, new parking access, fitness, fun, and updated communications channels will be the pleasant surprises dedicated to ship owners, commanders, and crew. Here are the details:

Increased Port Security.
From 36 to 90 latest generation video cameras

Today, security is a primary requirement and we have responded by boosting our level of video surveillance. We have increased the number of latest generation video cameras in our modern, efficient system from 36 to 90, perfectly integrated with the work of our security staff. The entire port is now under surveillance, even the most remote areas, without infringing on the privacy of our customers.

New Parking Access.
Improved Flow

To facilitate visitors’ entry into and departure from the marina, we are improving internal traffic flow by constructing a second exit lane, thus avoiding traffic. At the same time, we will be updating the entrance gate by installing new barriers and payment kiosks, replacing the traditional system with a more modern, innovative solution that can accept payment with credit cards and provide change in coins and bills.

Marina Resort PortoMirabello.
VAT decrease from 22% to 10%

The Liguria region is in the process of classifying PortoMirabello as a Marina Resort, which means that payments will be subject to reduced VAT of 10% for vessels in transit.

English Pub Opening
To meet the needs of the many Anglo-Saxon crews that have chosen us as a home port, an original English Pub will be inaugurated by this coming summer, designed by a British company and developed locally, to allow our guests the enjoyment of an excellent ale.

Exclusive Gym for Commanders and Crews
To the delight of the increasing number of crews stationed at PortoMirabello year round, we will soon open a TECHNOGYM weight room for the exclusive use of ship owners, commanders, and crews.

New Website and Increased Presence in Social Networks
Even though it had been renewed just three years ago, we decided to give our website a new look, which will go live in the coming days. The new design allows for easy access from any device (laptops, smartphones, and tablets), and will feature a more intense presence on the most important social networks.