Santa Manza, South Corsica

  • 41°10’16″N 16°26’24″E
  • distance from PortoMirabello: 180M

Sant’Amanza is defined by captains as a calm refuge, an anchorage that is truly sheltered from wind and high seas. All you need is a quick look at a nautical map to understand why. Situated at the southeast tip of Corsica, this bay is fairly closed and jagged. The narrow Strait of Bonifacio separates it from the Archipelago di La Maddalena in Sardinia and the nearby Porto Cervo. However, Sant’Amanza still remains a hidden gem, so near yet so far from the glamor of the Italian Riviera. Its uncontaminated nature offers a stupendous view, stretches of greenish blue crystal water and white beaches providing the dominant colors. The inland is still intact and animated by a cluster of houses, some small restaurants, and a golf club.
If total relax is not enough and you need something to liven up your evenings, Bonifacio is just 5 km away, a wonderful town with steep, narrow streets cut into the 70-meter white cliffs shaped by wind and sea, which in the evening comes to life with its wine cellars and open-air locales on the splendid seafront terraces.

Porto Cervo, Italian Riviera, Sardinia

  • 41°08’26″N 9°31’57″E
  • distance from PortoMirabello: 190M

The enclave of Porto Cervo is located at the center of the Italian Riviera, an area sparkling with fashionable boutiques and exclusive restaurants. The region’s coves offer some of the best moorings in the Mediterranean, with warm waters and white sand beaches.
With its 60 islands and islets, the Archipelago of La Maddalena boasts some of the best beaches in the area and many places for snorkeling. Over the years, Porto Cervo has become synonymous with luxury and glamor, a famous resort capable of charming tourists from around the world. Besides being one of the great ports of the Mediterranean, it is also the home of the renowned Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, which in the summer turns into a catwalk for yachts welcoming the world’s most famous names in show business.
But there is much more. Those wanting to leave the coast to travel inland will find an ancient, rural Sardinia, home to a rich mix of architecture and culture, with medieval churches and moors painting a singular landscape.
Closer to Africa than the Italian mainland, Sardinia exudes a charm that is both tropical and European, with tree-covered mountains, citrus groves, emerald waters, and medieval villages mixed with five-star resorts – perfect for a long stop during your Mediterranean vacation.