We talk to customers every day, providing answers on all aspects of the marina and berths, but we always try to highlight the characteristics that make PortoMirabello a complete and unique marina in all the Mediterranean:

1. Extraordinary location
From a landscape point of view, as it is situated in an environment of very high prestige, close to places that can be visited during the day like Porto Venere, Cinque Terre, Portofino, Forte dei Marmi and just a few hours by sailing from Elba Island, Capri, Corsica, Sardinia and Monte Carlo.
From a safety point of view, because of its geographical position in the centre of the Gulf of Poets, the natural shape of the gulf, in addition to a 620 m breakwater placed in its centre, making PortoMirabello one of the most protected ports in Europe.

In any weather conditions there are no problems entering or leaving the Marina or difficulties in docking, thus avoiding risky and dangerous manoeuvres that endanger the yacht, which remains stable and secure even at the mooring (also giving the captains peace of mind).

2. Safety and vivacity at the same time since PortoMirabello is habitable all year long, because it is possible to find restaurants and cafés open in shifts even during the winter, a pedestrian bridge that allows an immediate connection to the historic centre of the city of La Spezia, making it an ideal extension and pleasant walk when, for example, you are not out sailing. Vivacity and movement is also provided by the people who enjoy visiting the marina and its locales, making it lively and dynamic. At the same time, to offer maximum peace of mind to the shipowners great attention is paid to security within the Marina: Ninety latest-generation cameras – recently re-installed and implemented – 24/7 surveillance throughout the year and mooring crews that continuously monitor the Marina. PortoMirabello is one of the few Hubs in the Mediterranean to have complied with ISPS Security Assessment which calls for a series of procedures aimed at ensuring a safe and serene stay for its guests.

It is one of the few marinas equipped with cathodic protection of immersed structures, the most effective method to control the undesirable effects of corrosion of metals when they remain in contact with water. It impedes the corrosion current from the metal surface and protects metal structures, which in turn also benefits the metal parts of moored yachts (engines, engine parts, hull and attachments, axles and propellers, etc.).

3. We personalise the service based on the specific needs of each shipowner through the Concierge Office, which gathers information and responds to each request with tailored solutions to make the guest feel unique and unique. Every member of our team takes care of and responds personally to the need to solve any problem, because our staff members are part of a team of experts that are enthusiastic about their work.

4. Attractions and facilities for shipowners and crew in free time dedicated to leisure, whether in the Marina or out and about.

  • Megayacht lounge: private terrace equipped with BBQ, available for crews/guests with entrance badges
  • Concierge always active to organise weekly sports and recreational activities as well as excursions
  • Technogym® fitness centre
  • Pool
  • Beauty centre/hairdresser
  • Restaurants, bistros, cafés, English pubs

5. Close to the most important Italian shipyards for refits, repairs, warranties and maintenance work, just a few miles from PortoMirabello, plus a shipyard within the Marina itself staffed with well-trained professionals.

We are truly convinced that we are the right choice for you, so we offer you the chance to try the Marina for yourself for one day free of charge (*excluding summer months) before confirming your berthing.

For any further information or booking, please fill the following contact form.


Categories Dimension (mt.) Dimension (ft.) Number of berths
B 12,00 x 4,20 39,38 x 13,78 14
C 14,00 x 4,65 45,94 x 15,26 80
D 16,00 x 5,15 52,50 x 16,90 51
E 18,00 x 5,50 59,06 x 18,05 63


Categories Dimension (mt.) Dimension (ft.) Number of berths
F2 20,00 x 5,50 65,62 x 18,05 15
F 20,00 x 6,05 65,62 x 19,85 44
F1 22,00 x 6,05 72,18 x 19,85 34
G 22,00 x 6,50 72,18 x 21,33 19
G1 24,00 x 6,50 78,75 x 21,33 11
H 25,00 x 7,00 82,03 x 22,97 28


Categories Dimension (mt.) Dimension (ft.) Number of berths
I 30,00 x 8,00 98,43 x 26,25 3
L Secondary Dock 35,00 x 8,30 114,83 x 27,24 9
L1 Secondary Quay 35,00 x 8,30 114,83 x 27,24 11
M 40,00 x 9,00 131,24 x 29,53 9


Categories Dimension (mt.) Dimension (ft.) Number of berths
N 50,00 x 11,00 164,05 x 36,09 3
O1 60,00 x 12,00 196,85 x 39,77 1
O 65,00 x 13,00 213,26 x 42,66 4
R 70,00 x 13,00 229,66 x 42,66 2
Q 80,00 x 13,00 262,47x 42,66 3
S 90,00 x 15,00 295,27 x 49,21 2
P 100,00 x 16,00 328,08 x 52,49 1
P1 120/130,00 x 20,00 410,10/426,51 x 61,69 1

Barbara Martinelli (Sales Manager)
0039 340 8399767

Martina Peluso (Sales Manager)
0039 345 8303252

Rosalba Salamanca (Marketing Manager)
+39 335 5737937

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