21 Eventi

21eventi is an agency that specializes in building unique and exclusive days focused on engines, fun and relaxation in complete safety. For small or large groups or for individuals from all over the world.

On the Modena Race-Track which is located in the “Motor Valley”, or on other national or international circuits. Driving a Supercar on the track allows you to appreciate the performance of the car in total safety without worrying about road dangers or speed limits.

You can drive real racing cars, like our Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati or any other exciting Supercar that captivates you. You will have fun with your personal instructor and at the end of the day you will have improved your driving skills, helping you feel more confident on the road even during your daily drive.

If you already have your own car, we will manage all the rest. Otherwise you can experience the thrill of hot laps by choosing to delight the driving of a professional driver from the passenger seat.

Skill test with advanced F1 simulators, which reproduce in detail the circuits and the F1 driving conditions
Ice and snow driving courses
Ferrari Museum in Maranello
Enzo Ferrari House Museum in Modena
Lamborghini Museum
Umberto Panini Vintage Car and Motor-Cycle Museum
Stanguellini Vintage Car Museum
Righini Private Collection and the Ducati Museum
Ducati Museum
Pagani, Lamborghini and Viale Enzo Ferrari – Fiorano Race-Track Tour

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