There was a small shop in the centre of Modena where top-quality meats were carefully processed by grandpa Emilio to turn them into quality cold cuts; it was 1919, and that passion for good things has remained unchanged for three generations in the Palmieri family. The art of making cold cuts was passed down to Carlo who, when he was very young, decided to take over the family’s business; in 1961, his dream came true: to open a business of his own near Modena and start producing mortadella, salami, scratchings, bacon and brawn, using the meat of the pigs raised and butchered by him. Today, Salumificio Palmieri is recognized on Italian and foreign markets as setting the standards in the production of quality mortadella and also precooked products such as: zampone, cotechino and pork shank.


Giusti, the oldest and most awarded producer of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, a family company since 1605. Giusti, established in 1605, is the oldest and most prestigious producer of high quality Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, testified to important recognitions: from 14 gold medals won in the European expositions of 1800s, to the privilege of exposing the King of Italy Patent; through to Gold Medal won at the Sofi awards in USA; the Best Balsamic Vinegar by Der Feinschmecker in Germany, by Gastromania in Belgium and in Italy by Altroconsumo which witnesses our historic exceptional standard. Giusti balsamic vinegars are aged in ancient barrels, more than 600 casks dating 6-7-800.


The tradition of excellence and sweetness that characterizes each slice of Devodier products is due to the meeting of the exclusive climate of the territory and the historical passion of Parma for cold cuts with knowledge and love that Devodier family expressed every day with every product, coming today to have a production at the top for quality and safety. Each kind of Devodier product is produced in limited editions, to emphasize its uniqueness, ensuring to those who taste it an exclusive experience. None of our products contains preservatives (only salt) or dyes added.