The Sales Office manages the sale and rental of berths that are still available at the marina. PortoMirabello has a total of 407 berths starting from 12 meters, 100 of which are designed for superyachts measuring from 24 to 140 meters. PortoMirabello offers its customers 1,300 private parking spaces and 287 garages both in covered areas and in front of the berths. Each berth has at least one reserved parking spot. Mooring licenses at PortoMirabello are valid for 60 years, a span of time over which the value is sure to increase.

The aspects to be considered when evaluating the purchase of a yacht berths are:


The value of a berth is influenced by a few factors:

  • License validity (the number of years a mooring license will be valid, which varies from port to port). The longer the license, the more advantageous the purchase.
  • The company selling the berth must have solid credentials, guaranteeing an operation that is both safe and profitable. The ideal situation is when port operations are managed by the same company.

If we see acquiring a berth like buying a parking space, then we would probably just buy the cheapest one. However, if we see it as a strategic location that makes it possible for us to use our yacht more often, then it needs to be near or easily reached by car, plane, or even helicopter. Increases in value are only possible by focusing on quality ports, positioned in clean waters, with nearby islands, interesting mainland sites, and near large cities.

It is critical that the marina infrastructure provides services suited to yachts of the latest generation, not to mention mega- and superyachts requiring advanced, high-capacity technology. The port must be equipped with fixed jetties and double bollards that can withstand any waves, kiosks providing water and electrical services that can dispense up to 1000 amps, high-capacity fueling stations that can dispense 500 liters of diesel per minute (30,000 liters/hr).

PortoMirabello provides the following services:

  • 407 berths with 60-year state concessions starting from 12 m, 100 of them for super yachts measuring from 40 to 130 m
  • Shipyard Team always present in the marina, resolving problems with boats both at the pier and in dry dock
  • Technical service staff available 24 H to help with any navigation problem
  • Port office
  • Concierge
  • Food service for large galleys with on-board delivery
  • 11 locales including restaurants, wine bars and an English Pub
  • Exclusive gym for commanders and crew
  • Wellness Centre
  • Electric courtesy cars, scooter hire and bicycles for local errands
  • Heliport and shuttle service for longer trips
  • Fully fenced marina with 24 H security service, 90 latest-generation video cameras and indoor and outdoor surveillance in specific areas
  • 2 high-capacity service stations (SIF)
  • 1,300 parking spaces and 287 covered spaces also in front of the berths
  • Weather forecasting service
  • Cathodic protection

Contact Our Sales Office for receiving any  information about

tel. +39 0187 778108

Rosalba Salamanca (Marketing Manager)
+39 335 5737937

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