PortoMirabello provides a luxury environment designed to offer customers maximum comfort throughout the marina. The infrastructure was built specifically to host even the largest superyachts, featuring wide, fixed piers and jetties, and double bollards that can stand up to even the strongest waves.

The berths are equipped with safety services, remote monitoring, video service, and Wi-Fi. The area has three locales with various services and showers for crews, located on the three main piers.

The port staff offers scooter rentals, bicycles, luxury cars, shuttles, electrical courtesy cars, and even catering on board (on request). Near the shopping center there is an ATM (Banco di Sardegna Gruppo BPER).


An area has been set aside for the exclusive use of helicopters, located near the front of the main pier, close to the area reserved for megayachts.

Filling Station

There are two filling stations. The first station, located near the entry to the main pier, offers only diesel and unleaded. The other one, found at the end of the main pier, offers diesel and high-capacity diesel (SIF) for megayachts. Both stations can dispense 500 liters per minute, 30,000 liters per hour.


There are 1,300 private parking spaces and 287 garages, both covered and uncovered. Spaces are available in front of the moorings – each berth has at least one parking space.
To facilitate visitors’ entry into and departure from the marina, we are improving internal traffic flow by constructing a second exit lane, thus avoiding traffic. At the same time, we will be updating the entrance gate by installing new barriers and payment kiosks, replacing the traditional system with a more modern, innovative solution that can accept payment with credit cards and provide change in coins and bills.

Technical Staff

The staff includes highly qualified personnel that can meet the needs of the most demanding shipowner. Service is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, safeguarding navigational safety, port infrastructure, and the environment. Line handlers carry out the mooring and releasing of the vessels, maneuvers that can be done from land or with the help of a dinghy. Using a dinghy, the line is brought directly to the ship’s bow. This mooring service is offered to all at Porto Mirabello, providing protection not only to shipowners and commanders, but also to the infrastructure of the marina itself.

24 Hour Security

The whole port is monitored by security 24/7.

From 36 to 90 latest generation video cameras

Today, security is a primary requirement and we have responded by boosting our level of video surveillance. We have increased the number of latest generation video cameras in our modern, efficient system from 36 to 90, perfectly integrated with the work of our security staff. The entire port is now under surveillance, even the most remote areas, without infringing on the privacy of our customers.

Medical Supplies

Thanks to the know-how of the Ghigliazza Medical Supplier Pharmacy, Portomirabello can supply medicines and medical equipment according to any table followed by your yacht, for any class and nationality.

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