Sport at Portomirabello

In Porto Mirabello we are very attentive to the needs of those who live the Marina and the facilities dedicated to free time are really numerous. Crews live most of the year in our Marina and being able to have fun is very important.

For this reason, Porto Mirabello keeps on investing in sporting activities to offer the maximum also in leisure.

Which sport activities can you perform inside Porto Mirabello?

The Gym

For some years now, a gym is available for Porto Mirabello guests: the latest Technogym equipments allow Captains and Crew to keep in shape and never give up their personal workout.

Paddle court

Paddle is a sport, derived from tennis, which can be practiced outdoors and indoors. Porto Mirabello is organizing in order to have its own paddle court, inside the Harbour structure. Crews and Captains can use this field for free. It will be sufficient to reserve your game.

Street Basket Court

Team sports always are intended to strengthen the bond with people. We know how important it is to be close when travelling on the limited space of a boat, even when it comes to superyachts. Porto Mirabello has realized a street basketball court for the exclusive use of Crew and Captains guests of our Marina.

Have a look at sports you can practice in just a few kilometers from the Harbour.

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