Within the marina, PortoMirabello has dedicated exclusive 99, 115 and 131 feet areas to superyachts.

You can choose a mooring in a central position near the shopping center, or in an area that is decidedly more quiet and private. Both areas are equipped with video surveillance, user video service, wi-fi, 24-hour security service, services and showers for crews, parking lots and garages both in covered areas and in front of the docks.

Technical staff is available 24 hours for docking and unmooring.

Customer Service is staffed by highly qualified personnel who can handle the needs of the most demanding ship owners, providing peace of mind and convenience in carrying out various operations.

Reception is available for customs procedures and all needs of ship owners and crews.

The Concierge offers guests maximum comfort both onboard and off, providing personalized services on demand in addition to rentals of scooters, bicycles, and electric vehicles for moving around the marina, and a courtesy car service featuring both luxury cars and shuttles to accompany guests to principal international airports, not to mention organizing helicopter flights from the helipad located at the head of the main dock, or by plane and private jet just a few kilometers from PortoMirabello.
80% of the most important Italian shipyards, leaders in the production of 98,43 to 114,83 feet vessels, are located within 22 nautical miles of PortoMirabello, truly convenient for those requiring technical assistance on their yacht directly from the manufacturer.


Categories Dimension (mt.) Dimension (ft.) Number of berths
I 30,00 x 8,00 98,43 x 26,25 3
L Secondary Dock 35,00 x 8,30 114,83 x 27,24 9
L1 Secondary Quay 35,00 x 8,30 114,83 x 27,24 11
M 40,00 x 9,00 131,24 x 29,53 9

Barbara Martinelli (Sales Manager)
0039 340 8399767

Martina Peluso (Sales Manager)
0039 345 8303252

Rosalba Salamanca (Marketing Manager)
+39 335 5737937

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