Porto Mirabello enjoys of a unique location in the Gulf of La Spezia … and, for this time, we are not only referring  to the great bellezza that surrounds our Italian Marina. We are mentioning a naturally and geographically protected location. Mooring your boat at Porto Mirabello, as we said a few days ago talking about the upcoming good season, will grant you the privilege of having a safe berth, primarily protected by the strong wind that, in many cases, generates unwanted movements, bringing damages to the hull and boat.

Porto Mirabello in a 27 knots windy day

Take a look to the peaceful tranquility and immobility of the moorings on a  27 knots windy day!


Moor in complete safety!

In case of very windy days, like the one we are living and experiencing for the next days, the position and structure of Porto Mirabello allow you mooring in total safety. Moreover, during the periods of absence of the shipowner our shipyard provides an important service of management and monitoring of the boat called “Mirabello YachtCare“.

Contact us to find out more: we will be happy to invite you to discover our port !