The fundamental aspects to bear in mind when choosing your shipyard are professional competence and reliability, so the shipyard should have the following characteristics:

  1. Team always present in the marina to offer assistance
  2. Solves problems on the boat both when in the water and dry dock
  3. Travel lift capacity (160 t and 700 t near the Port)
  4. Correct, complete and transparent estimates
  5. Detailed description of jobs in estimate
  6. Use of quality products and innovative materials
  7. Quality work and impeccable service
  8. Technology, know-how and equipment suitable for work to be done
  9. Quality/price in line with current market trend
  10. Respects schedule


Meticulous boat maintenance is essential for long-term trouble-free sailing and top performance. The optimal solution is to follow a routine maintenance plan every time the boat is in the shipyard for work or when laid up for the winter.
It is a good idea to make a detailed list of the maintenance work and repairs you want the shipyard to do to decide which have priority and any that aren’t essential; correct work “economy” first and foremost should indicate refitting, correct engine and plant maintenance especially for the parts in contact with seawater and a thorough check-up to guarantee boat and passenger safety.
It’s important not to put these jobs off until next year to avoid unfortunate and costly problems before setting off on a trip.
Planning maintenance at the end of the sailing season is advantageous for two good reasons:
  1. Work planned at the end of the season can be done precisely taking the time required, but if you put these jobs off to a later date they may take longer due to the high number of requests with the risk of having to do the jobs in a hurry and/or not being able to do them in time.
  2. At the end of the season there’s more time with greater availability of spare parts, so you won’t have to wait for spares to be delivered.
More informations

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After several years of applications there may be a build-up of antifouling protection on the hull.

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We analyzed which are the most frequent problems related to maintenance of the boats reported by our Customers.

Antifouling protection

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Meticulous boat maintenance is essential for long-term trouble-free sailing and top performance.

Paperwork and safety

Meticulous boat maintenance is essential for long-term trouble-free sailing and top performance.