We wanted to share an interesting link to an article published by Peter Murray Kerr from MooringSpot.com, the Mediterranean’s yacht berth database, which accurately outlines the growing number of superyachts being built.

Among other things, the article quotes Alessandro Menozzi, CEO of PortoMirabello, interviewed during the last Monaco Yacht Show, speaking about the increase in superyachts docking at the marina over the course of the previous year.

He explained that customers who have stayed at PortoMirabello proceed to purchase a berth of their own after having spent some time there and experiencing the care, attention to detail, and impeccable, punctual services offered by the staff.

Keep in mind that PortoMirabello is one of the few ports in the Mediterranean designed and constructed with space and infrastructure suited to megayachts. And given the growth trend in the production of this type of vessel, soon there will be a shortage of berths that can host them.

The article also includes interesting data from a report published by Global Order Book 2015.

Enjoy the read.