It is with great pleasure that we would like to comunicate that the Italian Senate approved the modification for the “transit Tax” for boats with foreign flags.

Further to the modifications approved the new tax will be applied to the italian Yacht owners, no matter of the Flag and the Country where the boat will be used; in other words: NO TAX FOR FOREIGN FLAGGED BOATS!

The reason of this decision is due that the mooring fees was considered as a staying tax, where the Italian resident Could not pay if the Yacht was moved outside Italy, on the other hand the foreign owner was obliged to pay if he wanted to stay in Italian waters; with the modification it happens that only Italian owners are obliged to pay the mooring fees.

Below the important point of the modification approved:

After the first period, has been insert the following: “the tax isnot be applied to nonresident subject or subject not having permanent establishment in Italy owning Yacht, only in the case the ownership is not related to Italian resident (both individuals or companies), the tax is not to be applied alo to the Commercial Yacht also if owned by an Italian company or/and with Italian Flag.

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