Portomirabello is considered one of the best marina superyacht in Mediterranean and in Liguria. One of its big advantages is its new infrastructure, which incorporates the latest technology. The marina has 407 berths, 100 of which can host ships measuring 25 to 130 meters, with wide, fixed jetties and piers.

Some Ligurian ports have obsolete structures and are able to host mid-sized boats. Others try to accommodate superyachts with floating piers, which in reality are dangerous and unsuited for large ships. Portomirabello’s fixed jetties, on the other hand, are equipped with resistant double bollards that can withstand any waves, electrical and water service kiosks that can serve up to 1000 amps, and high-capacity fuel pumps that can rapidly fill your tank (no more waiting for hours). In fact, the high-capacity fuel pumps can dispense 500 liters of diesel fuel per minute, equal to 30,000 liters per hour.

Besides 24-hour security, Portomirabello offers its guests shuttle and helicopter service for quick trips. It is also possible to arrange for medical visits on board, as well as for direct delivery to large ship galleys.

The team at the Mirabello shipyard are experts in superyacht maintenance and care, specialized in resolving any problems whether the ship is moored to the pier or in dry dock. High-level tasks are taken on and completed on time, as promised. The front office personnel has to be expert in service communications and international authorizations for the passage or mooring of large yachts, which are subject to the same procedures as cruise ships. In addition, often the passengers are not from the European Community and consequently require a number of fiscal and immigration procedures.

This is why Portomirabello is today considered by trade experts to be one of the most important superyacht marina in Mediterranean and in Liguria. For investors looking to purchase a berth, Portomirabello offers a unique advantage: one of the longest public concessions available (54 years remaining).