The critical situation in the nautical sector is continuing through the first months of 2014, both in Italy and abroad. Recent statistics confirm that in current and future years many large yachts will be launched, especially superyachts larger than 100 meters, which in 2013 numbered 14, followed by 19 more in 2014.

One of the more positive trends is the new orders for 24- to 30-meter vessels. The 30-50 meter category – an area dominated by Italian shipyards – is slowly picking up again, and this is the range that is of most interest to emerging markets like China and Brazil, markets that are very interesting for us.

It must also be noted that the global fleet of boats larger than 30 meters counts around 5000 vessels, and 50% of these are berthed in the Mediterranean. In fact, notwithstanding the nautical season has just started, Portomirabello has already sold out its 30-meter berths.

Daniela Pellini, Portomirabello’s director, commented, “This pleases us greatly and motivates us to further improve out services and infrastructure. Today yacht hub customers are looking for quality at all levels: environment, services, experiences, and availability. We often invite our future customers to dock at Portomirabello for a few days to personally experience the level and quality of our services.”