Why is Porto Mirabello the safest place for your boat?

  • Because of its geographycal position, as we said.
  • Our Marina is sheltered from any high waves or rough seas. The 620 meters breakwater provides protection.
  • Our staff is always ready and on site to check the safety status of your boat.
  • The piers are designed to ensure the greatest possible stability even for superyachts and large boats.
  • In Porto Mirabello there is also a shipyard, ready to intervene in case of minor damage.

Total safe docked superyacht. Wind speed 60/80 knots

The bad weather of the last days in Porto Mirabello put once again the emphasis on the safety issue, a first order topic as far as boat and yacht are concerned. In Porto Mirabello, thanks to its privileged protected position in the Gulf of La Spezia, it is possibile to moor your boat under very high safety standards. How did it go in last week, with rain and wind out of the ordinary?


Porto Mirabello is the destination you are looking for to protect your boat, even during the bad season.
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