Autumn is the end of the good season? It depends on your point of view. An Italian trip in Autumn gives great wonders for the eyes and the throat. Mooring at Porto Mirabello, even in the coming season, can be the best choice to capture the best of a short trip around the peninsula.

Have you ever got in touch with our Concierge?

Imagine this scene: your boat is entering Porto Mirabello and our staff is welcoming you, always ready to help you in the arrival and mooring phases. Once you have firmly dropped the anchor of your boat, enjoy an aperitif at the port facilities and restaurants. Then visit our concierge’s office and ask for what to do?

What can you do in Italy, leaving from La Spezia?

Our concierge certainly has something to recommend for good-wine lovers.

  • Visit Cinque Terre to admire the foliage created by the vineyards
  • A trip to Emilia, the land of engines and good food, to admire Ferraris and enjoy a typical lunch
  • A visit to the Colli Piacentini(the hills near Piacenza), with wine tasting in the cellars

How will you warm up your Autumn?
Contact us to learn about our mooring options and our concierge’s suggestions.