Portomirabello represents one of the few examples of Marina in Italy able
to respond adequately to the needs of Ship-owners who are looking for high
quality standards service, comfort and assistance. Also this year the data
confirm a very high index of customer satisfaction; numbers that push us to
raise the threshold of attention towards offers and more exclusive services.
Here are the data:

Regarding the Harbour services we analyzed the following items:

The 78% of customers consider the service and the mooring staff excellent
and the remaining 22% judge them good.
The 63% of our customers consider of high quality the weather information of
Porto Mirabello, the 35% good and the remaining 2% sufficient.
The 66% of customers judges excellent the dock cleanness, 32% good and only
2% sufficient.

Also the service and expert advice provided by the Management are considered
basically excellent. As judgmental criteria were selected the following
The 85% of Porto Mirabello’s customers promotes with “excellent” the
politeness of the whole Harbour Management, the remaining 15% good.
Even the skill is quoted excellent by the 80% of customers, the 18% consider
it good and only the 2% considers it sufficient.
The quality of the information provided is judged of excellent level for the
83% of the customers, the 11% consider it good and the remaining 6%


Porto Mirabello always considers the respect for the environment, the
quietness and the comfort key elements to build the ideal habitat, making
the Marina a pleasant place to stay.
In 2013 Porto Mirabello was awarded with the Blue Flag 2013 for Marinas. The
Blue Flag is an international recognition, appointed to tourist resorts and
Marinas that promote and respect the sustainability of ecosystem processes,
setting as its main aim the preservation and care of the environment.
Regarding the topic “environment”, we asked our customers their opinion
about the following topics:
The 73% of customers consider Porto Mirabello an excellent place in terms of
tranquillity, the 27% judge it good.
The parking is a very important aspect for a Marina, 74% of customers judge
excellent the quality of car parks and parking spaces, the 23% good and the
remaining 3% sufficient.
The green is part of the environment and helps to enrich the various areas
of the Marina. Even in this case, 62% of customers judge excellent the
presence and quality of green spaces, the 34% consider good and only 4%
consider it sufficient.