A marina for superyachts up to 100 meters long (328 ft), and now even up to 130 meters (425 feets!)

There are only a few marinas in Europe and the Mediterranean that can welcome megayachts as long as 100 meters, or even larger 130 meter vessels. Portomirabello is one of the few that can, having recently expanded capacity to host yachts measuring as long as 130 meters (425 feets)  and is considered one of the best superyacht marina Europe. The market trend is clear: recent studies confirm that in 2014 and over the next few years numerous large yachts will be launched. Specifically, between 2013 and 2016, 487 yachts will be delivered, including 214 longer than 40 meters.



In 2014 alone, 735 projects are under way or have been commissioned, 67 of them larger than 60 meters. Orders for super yachts longer than 100 meters have increased from 14 in 2013 to 19 in 2014, confirming the trend.


There has also been an increase in orders for megayachts with sails.

So, based on this information, the question is:

Where will all these megayachts go to dock?

Does the current market offer a sufficient number of berths for vessels of this size? More importantly, are there superyacht marina Europe that are able to welcome megayachts measuring 100 meters and more?

Portomirabello is a distinguished location featuring berths for boats of various sizes, ranging up to 130 meters. It boasts numerous unique qualities like:

  • 407 berths, 100 of which can host vessels between 25 and 130 meters
  • A public concession that is among the longest available (54 years left)
  • Extraordinary panorama and environment
  • Modern structures
  • Fixed jetties and piers that are 35 meters wide
  • Helipads for helicopters
  • High-capacity fueling stations
  • Shipyard open 24/7
  • Various restaurants and cafes, in addition to a shopping center
  • Connection to the city center by means of an architecturally unique pedestrian bridge opened in 2013

What requirements must be met for a marina to host superyachts?

A superyacht marina cannot simply “adapt” to hosting these giants, mooring them to external piers. Floating piers are not suitable because they are mobile and precarious. The marina must be built specifically to host megayachts, providing the services they require. Managing these large vessels in the marina necessitates a number of obligations and services, not to mention a high level of expertise for personnel who work with the yachts, their owners, and crews.

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics that a marina must have to host large yachts. First of all, they need suitable infrastructure designed specifically for superyachts, with fixed, wide jetties and piers. Double bollards that can withstand any waves. Electric and water kiosks that can provide up to 1000 amps. Fuel stations with high-capacity pumps to avoid taking hours to fill the tank. High-capacity pumps can dispense 500 liters of diesel per minute, equal to 30,000 liters per hour.

The front office personnel must know about service communications and international authorizations for the passage or mooring of large yachts, which for bureaucratic purposes are considered SHIPS and therefore subject to the same procedures as cruise ships. In addition, often the passengers are not from the European Community and consequently require a number of fiscal and immigration procedures.

Shuttles and helicopters for quick trips.

Physician for medical visits on board.

Organized ordering and delivery of goods directly to large galleys.

24 hour security and surveillance.

In summary, excellence in every area (customer service, shipyard, accommodations, comfort, and services) is an absolute necessity when it comes to superyachts, which without a doubt require a corresponding “super commitment” from personnel.

Once again this year, Portomirabello’s customers gave marina personnel an excellent rating for customer care and general services having to do with marina management and shipyard personnel.

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