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Porto Mirabello’s exciting winter activities. An animated video shows the wide range of opportunities!


Porto Mirabello is the perfect place to energise & entertain your crew in every season. Captains and Crew are always entertained with a wonderful variety of experiences, also during winter. This animated infographic shows how the Marina is strategically located to easily explore unique itineraries and live energetic adventures. The Cinque Terre for instance, one [...]

Porto Mirabello and surroundings. Unique places to live and typical specialties to taste.


“At Porto Mirabello you feel already on holiday even before get on board”. This claim is the synthesis of the quality and lifestyle offered by this facility; a luxury environment designed to offer the best comfort to its guests. This was confirmed by the latest attainment of the "Luxury" label from the "Marina Excellent" certification [...]

Why choose Porto Mirabello for the winter mooring?


Why choose Porto Mirabello for your winter mooring? Because it is a safe port!! Porto Mirabello offers you the ultimate in location, safety, entertainment, quality of services allows you to use the yacht during all the year! It will be a pleasure to provide you all the information you need! The excellence of the services, [...]

Discover the wonders of the area of the South Western Mediterranean


The third itinerary starts from Porto Mirabello to discover the wonders of the "mare nostrum" and in particular the area of the South Western Mediterranean. Get ready to visit islands that have been popular destitantions for international jet setters throughout histroy, such as Capri or Panarea, and other Mediterranean pearls such as Ischia, Positano, and [...]

Porto Mirabello is the first to obtain the “Luxury” label from the “MaRina Excellence” certification


Spezia, 29th July 2020 - Porto Mirabello has been the first to receive the “Luxury” label from the “MaRINA Excellence” scheme by Rina, who judges the services offered by the touristic marinas in terms of sustainability, hospitality and exclusivity. The “MaRINA EXCELLENCE” expresses the quality level offered by the marinas and offers the possibility to [...]

The Superyacht Report includes an exclusive insert about Porto Mirabello


Next number of The Superyacht Report - published today - includes an exclusive insert about Porto Mirabello, describing the Marina Luxury Lifestyle quality and explaining our high and unique safety and security standards. Furthermore it shows the amazing landscape beauties nearby Porto Mirabello, like Porto Venere and Cinque Terre; and reveals the main locations of the [...]

From coasts to islands, the heart of the Mediterranean unveils its treasures


A relatively short trip from Porto Mirabello will allow you to admire the "pearls" of the main land: Porto Cervo in Sardinia, Sant'Amanza in Corsica, the wonderful Island of Elba, the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and finally the Argentario. An area that encloses Mediterranean beauties different from each other, often hidden, but infinitely fascinating. [...]

The “Welcome” service by Porto Mirabello


"Welcome" is a service through which we receive the client directly at the dock, from the moment of the mooring in porto mirabello (since when they moor in portomirabelllo). It is a service for all of our guests, especially the new ones, who still do not know us, in order to welcome and host them [...]



Mirabello Gourmet is a beautiful and thriving establishment located in Porto Mirabello, with an exceptional location from which one can gaze upon the magnificent Yachts and the whole Marina. We are pleased to remind you that Mirabello Gourmet has been delivering products ONBOARD for your galley or ready-made dishes and specialties for some time [...]

Discover the extraordinary beauties of Ligurian east coast


NORTH MEDITERRANEAN Porto Mirabello is literally surrounded by extraordinary and spectacular places. The Gulf of Poets with Tellaro, Lerici, and the wonderful Porto Venere, are our bright star (spearhead). Just a few nautical miles away, you will discover one of the most spectacular coasts of the Italian landscape and the entire Mediterranean, the Levante’s Riviera: [...]