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The first Porto Mirabello Golf Cup


Porto Mirabello is, since the moment of its birth, synonymous of dialogue with the surroundings territory. It is a real "entrance gate" on the Bellezza of Liguria, able to put together a Marina where safety is the first place and a series of services and events perfect to entertain even the most demanding guest. This [...]

Porto Mirabello Logistic Partner of Sanlorenzo Elite Days


On May 5th and 6th Sanlorenzo will celebrate its 60th anniversary by opening the doors of its famous Superyacht Shipyard. The guests who will arrive on board their superyachts can moor at PortoMirabello. Proud to be Sanlorenzo logistic partner!

The birth of Porto Mirabello


Have you ever imagined how PortoMirabello is born? A port suitable for large yachts too? How the piers and moorings are built and how the technologies used for boat safety are laid? Porto Mirabello rose in a handful of years. Works started in 2007 and the berth was completed in June 2009. The port opened, in [...]

Porto Mirabello at Yare 2018


From April 18th to 22nd, Porto Mirabello will be present at Yare, the event held in Viareggio that involves yacht professionals and all those who gravitate around this world so beautiful, exclusive and important for our peninsula. Yare Networking is managed and promoted by Navigo, service center that deals with development in the nautical sector.

Cinque terre: an unmissable deliciousness


We will never be tired of saying it: the warm season is here (weather permitting) and Porto Mirabello is taking care of its look while waiting for boats of all sizes to moor or depart from our piers. Mooring your boat at Porto Mirabello is a choice of security and also of right location: La [...]

Porto Mirabello obtained the Italian Blue Flag


We are pleased to inform you that Porto Mirabello has recently obtained the Blue Flag. What is it? The Blue Flag is a recognition given by the Foundation For Environmental Education to ports that meet a high quality standard, as far as water and relationship with the environment are concerned. A port that respects the [...]

Porto Mirabello: Italian Lifestyle


A port proud of its name, should be, first of all, a safe place to moor your boat. Secondly - at least for us - it must also be an elegant location full of services for its guests. Porto Mirabello is this and much more than this and we are never tired of repeating it. [...]

Safety in Porto Mirabello


Porto Mirabello enjoys of a unique location in the Gulf of La Spezia ... and, for this time, we are not only referring  to the great bellezza that surrounds our Italian Marina. We are mentioning a naturally and geographically protected location. Mooring your boat at Porto Mirabello, as we said a few days ago talking about [...]

Spring is coming… and you?


The good season is already knocking on the door. The days are longer and cold is giving the way to milder days, especially here in Liguria, where Porto Mirabello is located. Why not visiting La Spezia from Porto Mirabello during one of the next week-ends in order to let us introduce to you all the [...]

Why choose PortoMirabello for winter mooring?


PortoMirabello is right in the middle of the Gulf of Poets, one of the most protected in Europe, without depth problems.
The natural shape of the Gulf of La Spezia, the depth of the bay and the breakwater offer optimal protection against any adverse weather conditions, and the surrounding mountains maintain a mild climate and a [...]