What is the Sciacchetrail? Not a tongue – twister, but the name of a nature trail inspired by the “Sciacchetrà”; the famous DOC wine of the Cinque Terre. The trail is 47km in length and 2,600 meters above sea level, winding through the Apennines Mountains of the Ligurian Levante in the beautiful Cinque Terre.

Embark on this enchanting and exciting journey through centuries-old paths, surrounded by vineyards clinging to the steep hills, overlooking the sea. This extraordinary experience takes place in a landscape declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is accessible year-round, unless there are adverse weather conditions. Departures and arrivals are based in Monterosso and the Sciacchetrail can be covered across several days – dividing the route into stages.

Below is a list of three different stages:

1.     Orange stage: Departure: Monterosso Arrival: Vernazza
–        Length: 14,7 km
–        Time: 6.20am

2.     Yellow stage: Departure: Vernazza Arrival: Riomaggiore
–        Length: 20,9 km
–        Time: 9.30am

3.     Blue stage:    Departure: Riomaggiore  Arrival: Monterosso
–        Length: 16,2 km
–        Time: 7.00 am

Your dedicated Porto Mirabello concierge is on hand to provide all the information you need about the organisation of the Sciacchetrail, and of course wine-tastings in the cellars.