2020 has been a challenging year and a learning curve for us all, making us all more aware of our immediate surroundings, and often leading us to seek solace and safety in the places where contact with the outside world is limited.

Yachting has been the ideal solution for many, incorporating all of the essential elements many of us associate with a safe environment, such as a small number of guests and the option to enjoy relative isolation away from large crowds, and with all of your needs met by a professional crew, yachting can be one of the safest ways to travel.

In 2020, many families opted to spend their holidays onboard a yacht, choosing to cruise the Italian Riveira rather than destinations further afield, whilst travel for many owners and charters alike has been restricted due to the pandemic.

As a Marina we have adapted and evolved in line the new regulations, and with the safety and comfort of our guests being of upmost imortance, now it’s more important than ever to ensure our guests experience the professionalism and high level of service that we are renowned for.


We are continually improving the quality of our service, with an increased emphasis on cultivating continuous relationships with our guests, ensuring that their every need is met. In addition to our dedicated concierge service, we now have a digital help desk accessible directly from the website, allowing our guests to get in touch with operators and receive answers at the click of a button.

We pride ourselves in the support of our guests, ranging from the organisation of itineraries and activities, supplying provisions and refuelling, to keeping guests consistently informed of daily news and any COVID restriction developments.


Berth reservations can be made via email, allowing the port office to send and receive all of the necessary documents (such as the crew lists) digitally. This increases our efficiency, and reduces the need for guests to visit the office.


Marinas such as Porto Mirabello, which host large yachts, commercial boats and charter boats, have to adhere to strict regulations and certifications in order to receive guests. We have reserved areas and gates that are already ISPS certified ports, which prove we have the operational experience to receive and manage yachts and guests, and to organise their stay.


In addition, we have put several procedures in place to guarantee the safety of our guests, including: complete sanitisation of all docks, further reserved ISPS areas, safe routes to shops, and restaurants that provide clear and visible information regarding restriction notices.

As required by sanitary regulations, we ensure that all mooring operations undertaken by crew are completed at a safe distance of more than one-metre. Our main goal is to protect the health of all staff, guests and yacht owners, and we must now look towards the future with positivity, ready to safely welcome our guests for the new season!