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Corona virus. Why Porto Mirabello is open and working?


In an in-depth interview, Alessandro Menozzi CEO and founder of Porto Mirabello, explains to Superyacht Digest, the reasons why Porto Mirabello is currently working, despite large part of production and commercial activities in Italy are in a state of lockdown to contrast the spread of Covid19. Click on the link to read the entire article

@Porto Mirabello Beauty comes first


The Marina restyling project includes several improvements, one of which concerns the main dock, a 500 meters area overlooking the Gulf of Poets. Once works will be finished, the dock will be renewed through the placement of 150 strong and innovative planters, with the aim of lending brightness, vividness and elegance to the Harbor environment. [...]

Great News in Porto Mirabello


On the 5th of March 2020, the restyled Megayacht quay new opening finally completed the exclusive area that ensures the extraordinary number of 17/18 berths among 50 and 140 mt., located on dock O and N. This was a great opportunity to celebrate! The new opening's megayacht area has been promoted through a partnership between [...]



Can you tell us about your business? MC Yacht mainly deals with three sectors that are connected to each other and dedicated to yachting. The first area is Management, basically we take care of all the administrative, technical, bureaucratic and commercial matters that are related to the management of a boat, such as the choice [...]

From the sea to the woods of the Apennines, flying over the Cinque Terre


The Cinque Terre experienced by mountain bike are the perfect union of tourism and athletic performance. The curvy stretches and the difference in height of the paths, meet the needs of downhill’s enthusiasts rewarding with strong emotions thanks to breathtaking views and truly unique historical-landscape beauties. A few kilometers from Porto Mirabello there are paths that [...]



PORTO MIRABELLO LOVES YOU We give you our love and gratitude because you inspire us to grow and create news, year after year; the Street Basket and Paddle Court are an example of this. We would like to share with you the numerous news: RE-LOOK MAIN DOCK AND OTHER INNOVATIONS More than 50 maintenance and [...]

Concierge service is our business card


We like to think that our guests consider Porto Mirabello a place where to feel like at home even thousands of kilometers away, with the advantage of being able to live unique experiences in an elegant, safe, protected and full of pleasant opportunities environment. The location beauty is not enough, you need adequate services, participation [...]

Portomirabello’s people: interview with Barbara Martinelli


What is your role in Porto Mirabello? I like to think that my role is to win the trust over the customer and later to work with the aim to make his stay in Porto Mirabello completely satisfactory. It can be said that my current role is the result of a career begun in 2014 [...]

Discovering La Spezia in 14 steps


Here's the full itinerary to be accomplished in a day. Many tourists are concentrated into visiting the most coveted destinations in the Golfo dei Poeti, Tellaro, Lerici, Portovenere and Cinque Terre, but the Historical Center of La Spezia is rich in monuments and fascinating places and deserves special attention, a daylong visit indeed.   [...]

5 trekking trails, to discover 5 Terre


Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Riomaggiore and Monterosso, are the 5 Terre Diamonds, but the surrounding area if the real treasure that deserves to be discovered. Near Porto Mirabello, there are 5 wonderful trekking trails, by which you will be able to explore the Ligurian Apennines hinterland, its ancient villages, vineyards, deep inside the beauties of the [...]