Source: Superyacht Business Report 197

The Cote d’Azur and Monaco have been the Superyacht capitals of the world for as long as Superyachts have existed; and they have remained the preferred and priority destination for Superyachts for years.
The argument is a relatively simple one: between the French Riviera and its neighboring Principality, there is everything a Superyacht owner or market stakeholder could possibly require, except for new-build shipyards over 30m.
In the 30-40m segment, Italy is surprisingly the leader in new-buildings, boasting 104 yachts currently under construction and optimistic forecasts too: 189 yachts under construction within 2021.

The yacht owners of this range began to look further afield, and it didn’t take long time before the regions close to France started developing their infrastructures and relative supply chains.
At this point Monaco and the Côte d’Azur are no longer the only ones able of effectively satisfying the European market. Especially Italy, Spain and the Balearic Islands can claim a Superyacht hub role today, boasting a complete range of shipyards, suppliers, brokers and related facilities.

Italy in particular longs for the title of the world Superyachting capital, especially because of the thriving new-buildings market, which is represented by the most excellent shipyards that are for the 80% located between La Spezia and Viareggio.

Another news: “La Spezia exceeds Viareggio in the nautical capitals rank for what concerns the number shipbuilding employees.
La Spezia is absolutely the first one, if we sum up the new-building and refit shipyards data.”
Source: 20.9.19 Genoa Boat Show, new Ministry for Infrastructure – Paola De Micheli.

La Spezia becomes in fact the Italian main Superyacht hub, making Porto Mirabello an essential choice.

Today, in our region we are able of boasting everything that a Superyacht owner or market stakeholder could possibly require, and no longer only in the Cote d’Azur and Monaco.

It means that PortoMirabello is not just a great home-port destination, it is the heart of a Superyacht hub.