The summer is not here yet but Porto Mirabello is already thinking about how to welcome shipowners and captains, ready to moor their yacht among our docks. Columns with an Ethernet cable connection have been installed and activated to guarantee a fixed and stable connection up to 100 Mega.

Providing a good connection is more and more a fundamental element to guarantee an excellent service to travellers: some of them need to work, some other simply want to watch a movie online or keep in touch with loved ones via Skype. The type of connection chosen by Porto Mirabello wants to give stability and speed at the same time. Everything will be available along the Oscar Pier, where it will be possible – via cable – to connect directly to the specially installed columns. It is not, for the moment, a Wifi connection. You will then need to have a computer and cable.

Contact our concierge to find out how to access the network. We are waiting for you in Porto Mirabello for a new season together.