A three minute 20 second video that condenses two years of intense work spent building the most innovative port for superyachts in the Mediterranean. Burgess calls it “the port that has already hosted some of the most important and iconic superyachts in the world.” The video, filmed in June of this year, simply recounts the thoughts and motivations of the person who developed PortoMirabello.

“This isn’t just a video. It is the emotional summary of two years of intense work that brought to light a project that had been anticipated for more than 40 years,” says Alessandro Menozzi, CEO of PortoMirabello. “We have in mind other visual projects that will show all the features of the port. We want PortoMirabello to be known throughout the world as the only port in Italy able to host megayachts longer than 130 meters – an exclusive place offering services and benefits to guests, shipowners, and crew.”

“For us it was an intense experience. Alessandro was quite creative during filming, changing the script to better reflect his thoughts,” says Andrea Barbieri, Creative Director of Bipiuci, the communications agency charged with following PortoMirabello’s brand image. “A troupe of seven people explored every corner of the port with three cameras and a drone that flew over the area, notwithstanding the wind that blew continuously during the days of shooting.”

The video will inaugurate the PortoMirabello channel on YouTube, which already features other videos and that in the future will include other visual clips of the port. The video will also be shown during the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show at the Inwards and Burgess stand.