Porto Mirabello recently began an important renewal path, starting from its own logo. The old totally talked about our activity but every business is like a human being: it is born, it grows and renews itself by changing skin and its self-expression.

The new logo comes in two different colors: the blue of the sea and the gold color, a precious and exclusive shade, as our Marina is. The name “Porto Mirabello” develops horizontally, following a line that wants to be the horizon. This line is also the synthesis of the typical characteristics of Porto Mirabello: beauty (or as we always say “Bellezza“), protection and safety.

It is not really difficult to understand what identifies Beauty: Porto Mirabello is not far from some of the places that the whole world envies us. We are talking about the Cinque Terre.

Protection is given precisely by the natural shape of the Gulf of La Spezia, where our Marina is located. A Gulf with a peculiar morphology, enriched by an artificial breakwater barrier. The horizontal line of the logo well outlines this concept so important for those who have to berth yachts and superyachts.

Safety is a key concept for Porto Mirabello, something that we always put first.
One of Porto Mirabello’s mottos is Embracing Beauty which, with this new concept, remains so but multiplies. Thus becoming Embracing Security.