Pets in navigation – Spend a pleasant holiday on board with your Pet

Did you know that from now on you can plan your holiday on the yacht in the company of your beloved pets?
All your pets need is a pleasant course teaching them (and you) some “ways of behaving” and adjustments that will make your stay on board comfortable and tranquil.

De Felice Maritime Consulting & Yacht Management has been working in the world of recreational yachting since 1958, and it is pleased to inform you that it recently introduced a new service aimed at helping out with the increasing demand of yacht owners looking to share their cruises with their pets.

Pets in Navigation is the yacht environment adaptation and facilitation programme designed by Ida De Felice, who you can meet on Sunday, 18 June at 5:30 pm at the Sales Area and along the docks at PortoMirabello.

The demonstration, lasting about two hours, will be performed by 7-8 dog trainers with 5 of the team’s dogs.
The brief event will take place in an atmosphere of total tranquillity. We hope to see many of you there!

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