Ozone interior sterilization treatment

There are many reasons for wanting a boat sanitized as well as cleaned, in particular it is a matter of health. In modern yachts air is circulated mainly through the air conditioning and this can leave viruses, mould and bacteria in the environment and let them proliferate in conduits or places that are hard to reach during everyday cleaning.

We use ozone technology, in accordance with protocol No. 24482/96 of the Italian Ministry of Health, because it is considered a “natural product for sterilizing environments”. Ozone can be used as a safe and effective agent to guarantee better quality air, sterilizing all kinds of environments to eliminate even the most persistent bad smells (smoke, mould, etc.). This technology meets ISO 14000 standards, as it does not pollute the environment. Compared with other disinfectants, minor concentrations of Ozone and shorter exposure times are sufficient to reduce the microbial population. The use of ozone guarantees total purification and sterilization leaving the environment free of gases, viruses and Legionnaires’ disease in particular, bacteria, moulds and spores in the air.

Ozone has been used for many years to sterilize ambulances, outpatient clinics, trains and cars etc. with excellent results that cannot be obtained using other disinfectants.
The treatment involves using an ozone generator in the environments to be treated for a time that ranges from 30 to 90 minutes depending on their size. After the treatment, the boat needs to be aired and no one should be allowed access for about one hour.
It may be necessary to repeat the treatment or increase exposure times in the case of persistent bad smells.

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