Innovative maintenance for propeller and shaft to improve fuel economy and performance

We analyzed which are the most frequent problems related to maintenance of the boats reported by our Customers.
The main and most common concerns marine growth on shafts and propellers.

This problem does not affect only our marina, but is common in all Mediterranean Harbours. In effect, in warmer months and when the boat remains idle for a few weeks, the metals awash are attacked by fouling.
The first to be affected are shafts and propellers because classical antifouling paints and related primers have difficult to stick to surfaces involved and, even if carefully applied, have a limited effect. The immediate consequence is that shafts and propellers begin to “get dirty” and the performances of the boat decrease proportionally, increasing consumption, causing also vibrations to the transmission.

In these years we are offering to our clients a clean shafts and propellers going to hauling the boat at discounted prices, but we also began testing innovative products that we were advised to resolve the issue.
Among the various tests carried out, the one which gave the most satisfactory results is non-stick product PropGold ™ widely used in the American market.

Are indeed excellent results in terms of resistance, bond, duration and, as said, non-stick, without affect the performance of the boat.

The photo shows the product applied on shafts and propellers of a 30 meters yacht: it denotes the clearness and perfect coat.

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