Antifouling Protection

It is important to choose the right antifouling protection treatment to protect your boat and maintain top performance. But the right antifouling product is not enough to guarantee the best results. Great attention must be paid throughout the whole application cycle, taking special care with some fundamental steps.

  • Washing the hull with a high-pressure water jet
  • Sanding with coarse sandpaper (40/80) to remove any deposits that were not eliminated by washing. This also removes any previous antifouling treatment, and prevents the build-up of layers if done every time the boat is in the dry dock. You won’t find “sanding” in our estimate costs, as we believe it’s an essential part of the application cycle.
  • Some factors concerning boat use should be taken into consideration when applying the antifouling protection, such as the frequency of use, distance travelled, previous cycles applied and many other aspects, which we can assess together to choose the most suitable product to use on your boat.
  • Preparation of metallic parts by sanding and degreasing.
  • Application of two coats of antifouling protection allowing for drying times between coats, relative humidity and temperature.

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