Administration Office

Managing Director: Daniela Pellini
Assistant Managing Director: Massimo Caltelli

Daniela  Pellini

1993 – 2009: hired at Porto Lotti when the decision was taken to convert the Ship-breaking yard into a Marina; specific experience acquired in the field through the management of all operational and administrative themes related to the completion of works. From 2009 to today: Managing Director of Porto Mirabello, which for her represents an important goal and at the same time a stimulating challenge for the future.

Massimo Caltelli

Professional qualifications: Captain of the Italian Navy ( r ) – degree in Marine Sciences and Navigation
Main work experience: military operations underwater and on land (Italian Navy commando) – underwater work (Sub Sea Oil Service – Operation Manager) – shipyard (Offshorer Marine; AB Yachts – sales manager) – marine management (Power Boat – Monaco 1991-1996; Porto di Lavagna (GE) 2000-2008; Porto Mirabello (SP) 2009-2011] – Assistant Managing Director of Porto Mirabello since 2012.

The Porto Mirabello management team has over 50 years of accumulated experience in the marine sector.

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fax +39 0187 732102