PortoMirabello is one of the few multifunctional hospitality centers in all the Mediterranean, designed specifically for superyachts and megayachts up to 426,51 feet.

It features wide fixed and floating docks and piers; double bollards that can withstand any waves; electrical and water-service kiosks configured to dispense up to 1000 amperes; two high-capacity fueling stations that can dispense up to 500 liters of diesel per minute (30,000 liters/hr). Refueling can be done directly at the berth, avoiding the need for additional maneuvering.

The megayacht area has private access and parking spaces and garages near the berths. Technical staff is available 24 hours for docking and unmooring.

The Concierge offers ship owners and crews maximum comfort both onboard and off, providing personalized services on demand in addition to rentals of scooters, bicycles, and electric vehicles for moving around the marina, and a courtesy car service featuring both luxury cars and shuttles to accompany guests to principal international airports, not to mention organizing helicopter flights from the helipad located at the head of the main dock.

Proximity to international airports like Pisa 60 km away and runways for private jets just 25 km from PortoMirabello simplifies arrangements for ship owners and makes the marina accessible year round.


Categories Dimension (mt.) Dimension (ft.) Number of berths
N 50,00 x 11,00 164,05 x 36,09 3
O1 60,00 x 12,00 196,85 x 39,77 1
O 65,00 x 13,00 213,26 x 42,66 4
R 70,00 x 13,00 229,66 x 42,66 2
Q 80,00 x 13,00 262,47x 42,66 3
S 90,00 x 15,00 295,27 x 49,21 2
P 100,00 x 16,00 328,08 x 52,49 1
P1 120/130,00 x 20,00 410,10/426,51 x 61,69 1

Contact the Customer Service Office for information on berth sale and rental.

tel. +39 0187 778108

Rosalba Salamanca (Marketing Manager)
+39 335 5737937

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