ITN Industrie Turistiche Nautiche SpA was established with the specific aim of creating Porto Mirabello, and is a company with two main groups of entrepreneurs from Modena and Reggio Emilia. In 2007 this company took over, where many had failed before: the idea was to bring a project on paper to life. “The story of Porto Mirabello” says Alessandro Menozzi, founder and CEO of ITN, “started many years ago, but as often happens in Italy it risked becoming one of those many half-finished projects. That was until I found out about it. From that very moment it was as if a new chapter in my life had started.” Here, where until a few years ago there was nothing but water, today stands one of the most high-tech marinas in the Mediterranean.
Experience and skill in design, financing, construction and management all went into the construction of Porto Mirabello, and the subsequent management of the marina was and still is inspired by cutting-edge initiatives in Mediterranean yachting. The ITN management have provided tangible proof, even in these difficult times, of exceptional dynamic abilities that can really work wonders when we strive to achieve a common goal. Today, Porto Mirabello is the jewel in the crown of La Spezia, something the town had waited over thirty years for, a “dream” that finally “came true”, and in record time with the marina all but finished in just 2 years.
The same company that built the marina now manages it and owns all the service infrastructures to guarantee the greatest efficiency.